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The idea for Kairos 10 began in September 2010 when on medical mission trips, children with fevers in excess of 104 degrees were seen clinic after clinic, year after year. Malaria is a serious disease caused by a parasite that commonly infects a certain type of mosquito which feeds on humans.  The World Health Organization reports most deaths occur among children living in Africa where a child every minute from malaria. This disease is preventable and curable. A mosquito net is the solution!  A net can be bought in America for about $25 but costs a Ghanaian one week’s wages.  If a product could be sold, then the proceeds could be used to buy mosquito nets to be sent to an underdeveloped country. Thus the idea was birthed and Kairos 10 jewelry would be the vehicle.

In a partnership with Ghanaians, beads produced from recycled glass, vinyl, and plastic are purchased from bead merchants. Kairos 10 then pays Ghanaian women four times the minimum daily wage to make the jewelry.  African fabric is purchased and a local woman is paid to sew gift bags for the jewelry. The result is sustainable income for women in West Africa.

 Tour of the bead factory

Over 51,000 nets have been purchased from September 2010 to January 2018. Nets in bundles of 100 are of the finest quality and are effective for up to five years because the insecticide is woven into the threads. These nets do not have to be re-dipped annually like less expensive nets. The average size of a village is several hundred people and as few as seventy-five nets can protect the community’s children and pregnant mothers.

Countries that have received mosquito nets from Kairos 10 sales through January 2018 are Indonesia, India and 8 countries in Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Togo, and Liberia.

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Our Mission

Kairos 10 is fighting Malaria by selling jewelry created by impoverished African artisans.

What you might want to know about Kairos 10?
• Kairos is a Greek word meaning “the appointed time in the purpose of God.”
• 51,000+ nets have been purchased since the first sale in October 2010 through January 2018.
• The average size of a net fits a double bed and covers an average of three children plus their mother.
• Total net coverage from Kairos’ malaria protection efforts exceeds 204,000 people.
• Kairos 10 and other ministry volunteers distribute the nets personally to the recipient families.
• The 2018 daily minimum wage in Ghana is GHC 9.68 or less than $3.00 US.
• Ghanaian women hired to make Kairos jewelry earn over four times the minimum daily wage.
• If a poor West African family were to purchase a mosquito net, the cost is one week’s wages.
• Over 60 U.S. volunteers help Kairos with sales and packaging.
• All U.S. participants are volunteers; no one is paid for their effort or labor.
• Donations to Kairos 10 have provided water wells, anti-malarial medications, medical clinic constructions, school uniforms, and funding for a school building.

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When you purchase jewelry from Kairos 10 it provides a job opportunity for the beader and and net for a child.  However, you can also buy a net to directly benefit a child today