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I just wanted to give you a glimpse of my trip to Ghana West Africa this year. We finally got to Atlanta & then they sent us to Amsterdam & on to Accra.
We left Saturday morning at 6:00 for a 3 hr. drive to Frankadua . If you remember this is the girl’s home for the Trokosi girls, (sex slaves to the Voodoo priest). These girls, there were 45 present, do not know when they were born so have never had a birthday. We decorated the room with streamers & balloons, put up 3 long tables where the girls would decorate their own cup cake with icing, decorations & sprinkles that we took, they had a ball.

Leah Horner tasting water from water well dedication

Leah Horner tasting water from water well dedication

We took a karaoke machine, which we left with them, & played music. [Several of the ladies] taught them songs & dances. They had a ball. Then using $1.00 bills we crinkled them up and stomped them on the floor, picked them up & straightened them back out & told the girls no matter what we did to them they were still a dollar bill & still had the worth of a dollar bill. We closed with Bible verses & prayer by Reverend Grace who is a wonderful Christian lady who strengthens the girls each day in the Lord. Oh my what a day of joy for us all. Pictures & saying goodbye were very hard but we had a 3 hour drive back to Accra for another day of missions. Sunday Sunday morning we went to church for 5 hours. All 14 of us spoke & taught a Sunday school group with a translator. They really worship with song & dance pouring out their hearts to the Lord. We went back to the Guest House for lunch before heading out to Karbokasi where we would feed 1,000 children chicken & rice & hand out mosquito nets. They had 1,010 boxed up meals & ran out of food. The children were told stories & played games with balls we had taken & had a blessed evening.

The next day was a medical mission in Noka where last year the well the Urschels donated was put in & Kairos helped build a brand new Clinic that is state of the art for that part of the world. Of course Noka is about 2 ½ hour drive & when we arrived there were a few people waiting on to see the doctor and the missionaries, but when the village saw us, they came running, probably 200 people. The Urschels’ well was routed so it could serve the clinic & then go into storage tanks with spouts for the villagers to get their water.

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